In the recent weeks we have heard a number of myths regarding COVID-19. Below are a few myths and facts we hope to put straight…

Ventolin (blue inhalers)

Experts don’t think this does anything in coronavirus either good or bad however if you have asthma it certainly makes sense to make sure you have one handy but please don’t stockpile. Do request one if yours is out of date or running low.

Preventer inhalers (brown, pink, purple etc)

If you’re already on these please continue taking as normal. However, in coronavirus these do nothing so if you haven’t needed one in over two years then please do not start these now.

Tablet antibiotics and steroids.

 Antibiotics: it’s well known these have no benefit on coronavirus. Experts say there was no benefit from steroids at all and a high chance of side effects. Worryingly, steroids in influenza – which we know is also circulating – cause a small increase in your chance of death so never start steroids without discussing it with a clinician.

Ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatories.

The advice from the experts is that if you are already using these then there’s no reason to stop. However, some experts are recommending that if you have suspected coronavirus then you should not use them. Paracetamol in full normal dose is totally safe and what we advise.


At the moment, all GPs are being told by the NHS that we should NOT increase the amount of regular medications we hand out. If this advice changes as coronavirus cases increase, we will automatically increase everyone’s supply.