The aim at Dyfi Valley Health is to provide the very best primary care service. To allow us to do this, we continually assess the way things are done to ensure the patient experience is as good as it can be.

As we come into a new year, we are announcing new initiatives that will improve your experience with Dyfi Valley Health. As of the week beginning the 6th of January 2020, we will be introducing the following three improvements to the surgery:

  1. Making Appointments – a new bookable online form
  2. Patient Privacy – a new queuing system in reception
  3. Streamlined Telephones – a new option-based phone system

Find out more about these initiatives below:

1. Making Appointments

You will be able to fill out a form on the Dyfi Valley Website to request an appointment.

You will be asked for various contact information, the reason for the appointment and whether you would like a face to face or phone call back. One of the team will then call you back to arrange your appointment.

There will be a limit to the numbers of appointments available, but we will always try to get you booked onto an appointment as soon as we can.

2. Patient Privacy

To increase the privacy for patients talking to reception we have introduced a new “Call Forward” queueing system.

We will now ask that all patients wait behind the designated queue line and wait there until called forward. We will also fabricate a booth for you to stand inside to increase privacy further.

3. Streamlined Telephones

Despite having 10 phone lines opening to the surgery, at the busiest periods it can take a little while for you to speak to someone.

Depending on the reason for your call, this new initiative will allow you to choose who you need to speak to. For example, press 1 for reception, press 2 for test results, etc. (The actual line options to be decided in due course).

We are sure these new ideas will help you and your patient experience at Dyfi Valley Health.